Cistern Cleaning & Disinfection

Cistern after Cleaning

Cisterns are watertight containers to protect and store drinking water. In some circumstances, without proper care and maintenance the water from a cistern may not be safe to drink.

If cistern collars, lids, fill ports, or screened vents are damaged, contaminants may get in. If the cistern structure is damaged (e.g., frost, settling), cracking below the surface may happen, which could let contaminated groundwater and soil in. Cisterns in areas at risk for floods may also be at risk of overland flooding from surface water.

MTR offers full disinfection, maintenance, and inspection services for cisterns of any size.

Additionally MTR personal are fully trained and experienced in Confined Space Entry and Rescue. This allows our crews to identify and mitigate the risks associated with working within cisterns and safely get the job done while following all pertinent legislation.


Cistern Cleaning with Dive Crew

In collaboration with Valard Dive Services, MTR is able to provide cleaning without draining the cistern. We follow stringent industry standards for decontamination of all equipment and personnel prior to entry into the cistern. Our hazmat suits ensure there is no skin-to-water contact. There are a number of benefits in cleaning the cistern this way:

  • Making water potable costs money so draining a cistern is expensive
  • Fire suppression issues are negated as the municipality will have water for fires suppression throughout the duration of the work.

We provide videos and a full report of the work completed during our dives and can also complete any repairs necessary without draining the cistern.